Get social data from your email lists

MailMatch adds public Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn data to your email marketing list.

Upload a list of emails and we'll search publicly available information from all over the social web to augment your email marketing list with Facebook handles, Twitter followers and more!

  • Preview — free data preview before you buy. Money back guarantee after you buy.
  • Fast — we will get back to you within 6 hours.
  • Secure — we will never sell, share, or abuse the email addresses you provide.
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We charge $0.05 USD per email (in increments of $5) with a no questions asked money back guarantee.

$5 100 emails

$25 500 emails

$50 1000 emails

$250 5000 emails


Once your email list is uploaded,
we'll populate it with the following information.

Email Given Name Family Name Gender Location Bio Site Avatar Facebook Handle Github Handle Github Avatar Github Company Github Blog Github Followers Github Following Twitter Handle Twitter Twitter Bio Twitter Followers Twitter Following Twitter Location Twitter Site Twitter Avatar Linkedin Handle Googleplus Handle Angellist Handle Angellist Bio Angellist Blog Angellist Site Angellist Followers Angellist Avatar Foursquare Handle Aboutme Handle Aboutme Bio Aboutme Avatar